September 18 2021
Another Great O.C. Canyon Cruise 
 Satuday we took another scenic cruise through the Orange County canyons led by So Cal Mets Member Mike and Kim Dahlberg. Mike led us on a beautiful route through Santiago, Silverado, Modjeska, Live Oak, Trabuco and Rose Canyons. We had a wonderful lunch at the Rose Canyon Cantina before heading home. So Cal Metters on this trip were Mike and Kim Dahlberg, our fearless leader Ronnie Bauman and Judy, Marcia Jones, Patrick Halbert and his Daughter Leanne, Tony Bilotti and new member Mark Aldrich from Aliso Viejo. 
Heading up Newport Blvd. to the canyons 
Silverado Canyon
What's left of an old gas station next to the Silverado Cafe 
Silverado Canyon 
Silverado Canyon 
Santiago Canyon turning into Modjeska Canyon 
Modjeska Canyon 
Left turn to the Modjeska Grade
A view from Modjeska Grade 
Cooks Corner Bar & Grill on the corner of Santiago and Live Oak Canyons 
Live Oak Canyon 
Passing O Neal park in Live Oak Canyon 
Parked for lunch at the Rose Canyon Cantina 
These Lamborghini folks showedup at the cantina with lots
of nice things to say about our littke Mets, Thanx Guys! 
  From the left, Ronnie, Judy, Kim, Mike, Patrick, Leanne, Mark
Marcia and Tony behind the camera 

July 24 2021
What we did instead of Knotts Berry Farm 
Well, we had planned a trip to Knotts Berry Farm for some shopping, lunch and maybe a trip over to a replica of Independence Hall. At the last minute most of the gang had to cancel and left us with Mike Dahlberg, Patrick Halbert, Tony Bilotti and Marcia Jones. After Mike, Patrick and Tony meeting at the park next to Tony's house it was decided to change the route and destination. We met up with Marcia at a stop on the way. With not a lot of interest in shopping from those of us who showed up we decided to take a little drive to the coast and had lunch at the 'Golden Road' brewing company and restaraunt at 'Peters Landing' in Sunset Beach. We had a lovely little drive down Pacific Coast Highway and it turned out to be a great little outing by the beach.
Tony's, Mikes and Patrick's Mets at thepark by Tony's house
 Patrick led us to peters landing to chose a restaraunt a few choices
we had.
Patrick's, Tony's, Marcias and Mikes at Peters Landing parking lot.
This is the place we chose for lunch and of course BEER!
Lots of BEER!
 Lunch time and BEER
The view from our table 

  So Cal Mets PicNic 

June 26 2021


Well with Covid fading into history we were able to reserve our favorite spot in the now open Craig Park.This year we have out member Byron Robinette to thank for getting there early to grab our spot.

It was another great day with good food and good friends. We had our auction to support the clubs financial needs and did good with that.                                                                                                        Members that came for the fun were our fearless leader Ronnie Bauman and his Judy, Ken Conner without his Judy, Marcia Jones, Byron Robinette, Tony & Jackie Bilotti, Patrick Halbert and his Daughter Leanne, Armando & Maritza Reyes, Bruce & Judy Paxton, Jeff & Sue Garrett, Bill & Cindy Harris, Mark Weitzman & Socorro and John & Anita Fildes. John and Anita have graciously volunteered to host our Christmas party at their home in beautiful Mission Viejo and a BIG thanx to them for that! We had a great turnout of members and our cars adding to the beauty of the park.


 Us at out favorite spot








 Our Club Banner and American-English flag






Ronnie with some Met slippers at the auction 


 And another great showing of Mets!







Seal Beach Car Show & Cruise
April 24 2021 
Saturday April 24th was our first outing in 2021 again thanx to covid.
The Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce canceled their annual car show this year but decided to have a Car Show Cruise insted through beautiful Seal Beach. It was organized very well and went off without a problem. We cruised through the residential streets of Seal Beach and then up Main Street. Spectaters were in front of their houses and lining the streets with cameras and thumbs up. The organizers of the show had everyone on the streets voting for cars on their phones. After the show we went to a great lunch at 'Taco Surf' on Pacific Coast Hwy. in Seal Beach. After lunch a few of us cruised up PCH for a little more cruising.                                                          
We all Met at Patrick Halbert's house in Seal Beach. He's minutes away from where we were starting the cruise and invited us all to start at his house. So Cal Metters in the group were Patrick Halbert and his daughter Leanne, Ken Conner, Marcia Jones, Mike Dahlberg, Ken and Natalie Pollard, Sandra Nair and Tony Bilotti. It was a great first outing and we're planning more now that things are loosening up with covid. 
Lined up in front of Patricks house 
 Lined up at the starting point of the cruise
This Thing was there 
Spectators along the route 
 Friends Ed and Shawnie Hawk from the old 
Metropolitan Club of Southern California LTD in front of their house 
More spectators along the route 
The end of the cruise 
 Mets lined up in front of 'Taco Surf'
 Lunch clockwise with Patrick, Leanne, Marcia, Mike, Ken, Natalie,
Ken and Tony 
 Heading south on Pacific Coast Hwy to Huntington Beach
 Main and Pacific Coast Hwy in Huntington Beach
 Downtown Huntington Beach 
And the winner from our group, Patrick with the Best Car for Mom!