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Cruise to The Queen Mary
Saturday January 25th 

Saturday January 25th we took a cruise to the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
Before the cruise we met at Ken & Judy Conners house in Huntington Harbor to make cruise plans for this year.
It seems every time we show up at the Conners, Judy has a game or goody bag. This time we got both! Because Chinese New Year was being celebrated that day she had little pouches with Chinese candy bars and little red envelopes with Rats and Chinese that I can't read. This is the year of the Rat in China I guess. But in all of the pouches there were two crispy Dollar bills because parking at Shoreline Village is two bucks. Then, the game was. Two of the envelopes also had coins that got you a special prize! There was a dime in mine and I got the coolest little magnets that look like they are made from old license plates that spell out MET! The Conners out do themselves every time, Thanks again! 
After we filled out the calendar for 2020 everybody at the meeting except Kim Dominguez and Mark Weitzman fired up the little cars for the cruise. Marks Met is in the paint shop and Kim had to be somewhere else.
So Cal Metters on the cruise were President Ronnie Bauman and his Judy, Ken Conner and Judy, Tony Bilotti with Chris Di Tommaso, Nancy & Patrick Halbert, Mike Dahlberg and Paul VanWig driving a real nice Bugeye Sprite.
We stopped for a picture at a great spot in Huntington Harbor then we took off up Pacific Coast Highway to Second St. in Long Beach where we headed west to the Queen Mary for pictures and Shoreline village for lunch. The weather was OK. The lunch was great and the company was terrific! 
Us in front of the back of the houses
Six Loyal Subjects coming out to see the Queen
At Shoreline Village
                                         Paul--Nancy&Patrick--Tony--Mike--Judy&Ken--Ronnie&Judy                                                                                       Chris is hiding behind the camera   : )                                 

Cruise through Orange Park Acres
The Hilbert Museum of California Art
Lunch at the Santa Fe Train Station Ruby's
February 29th 2020
February 29th we met at Mike and Kim Dahlberg's house in Tustin for our February outing. So Cal Metters were Mike Dahlberg, Cindy Harris, Ken Conner and Tony Bilotti.
   The first part of our trip was a cruise through Orange Park Acres in Orange California. Orange Park Acres is an equestrian community of huge houses on one acre lots.
After a ride through the horse property we went down the hill to the Hilbert Museum of California Art.
The Hibert Museum is an offering of Chapman University made possible through a generous grant from Mark and Janet Hilbert. You can find out more at  WWW.HILBERTMUSEUM.COM
After browsing the museum we walked across the parking lot to one of our favorite Ruby's diners in the old Santa Fe Train station in Orange. The fun thing about this Diner is that there is actually a metro link depot on the patio in front. Lunch inside or out offers views of Metro Link trains picking up and dropping off passengers and freight trains wizzing by.
 On our way to Orange Park Acres
This seemed like a good picture spot
And yet another KODAK moment
On our way down the hill in Orange 
Our final destination- Ruby's Diner in front on the tracks and 
The Hilbert Museum behind
The Museum Entrance
Inside the Museum 
Offerings from past and present exhibitions

And what art museum would be complete without a painting 
of 'In & Out Frys! 
And then lunch at the train station 
Ken, Mike and Cindy behind Cindy's Met
The car next to Mikes Met moved and Tony took the spot
Going to have another great lunch at Ruby's 
So that's what we did in February. Another great time with the Mets! 

Saturday May 16th
Our first cruise since February
 (Virus Lockdown)
I'm going to use our Cruise Director Marcia Jones' write up on this. I couldn't have said it better.

Good afternoon Metters!

A big THANK YOU, to those who were brave enough to venture out and participate in this event.  We all had a wonderful time on Saturday thanks to a great route planned by Mike Dahlberg.  He actually printed out a copy of the route for each of us.  Everyone was happy to get out, drive and get some fresh air.  We had twists and turns that took us through many beautifully tree-lined streets and beautiful houses.  There were even some people on horseback along the way who admired our cars as much as we admired their beautiful horses!  A special thanks to Chris Di Tomasso who let us meet at her house and see all the 'neato' things she has inside her home.  We didn't need the museum, she has one filled with all kinds of fun and interesting things, creatively displayed in every room.  

We wound mostly through the streets of Orange, Santa Ana and I think there was a little Tustin in there too.  We had a fun 'go round' of the circle in downtown Orange where I think we circled around about 5 times, giving us a chance to get all our Mets in the circle going around together at one time!  We definitely stopped foot traffic along the streets with people looking at all of the variation of colors we had of our Mets.  Participants were Ronnie Bauman, Ken Connor, Tony Bilotti,  Mike Dahlberg, Chris Di Tomasso, Kim Dominguez, Nancy and Patrick Halbert, Bill and Cindy Harris, Sue, Jeff and Noodles Garrett and  Marcia Jones who brought her sister Chris who is visiting from Las Vegas.  

We ended the cruise with a visit to Sonic Burger in Santa Ana where we ordered food from the food choices board,  right from our cars.  Our order was then brought to us by car hops.  At one point we had taken up all 8 parking spaces in front of the restaurant with two having to go to the other side.  That didn't stop us though as at the end of the day we managed to squeeze the other two in for a group photo.



VP/Cruise Director 


 Meeting at Chris's house



 Going through Orange to Orange Park Acres horse property




Greetings from the Horse Riders



 Through Villa Park to Old Orange



The traffic circle in old Orange Plaza-Lets get those Metros in a circle  





Cruising through the beautiful Floral Park neighborhood of Santa Ana 




Going down historic Main Street in Santa Ana 




We all went to Sonic Drive In for lunch with carhops! 


One little, two little, three Metropolitans

four little, five little, six Metropolitans 


Seven little, eight little, nine Metropolitans

Ten Metropolitan Cars! 



 Just Sayin