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Next Event
 Cruise to Toms Farm in Corona
Saturday Novenber 16 - 11:00
Meeting Place TBA 

Saturday October 26
 Another Canyon Criuse
Saturday October 26 we met at Mike and Kim Dahlbergs house in Tustin for another great cruise thru the Orange County Canyons. Metters that came along for the ride were Our President Ronnie Bauman, Ken Conner, Tony Bilotti, Jeff, Sue and Noodles Garrett, Natalie and Ken Pollard, Marcia Jones and her friend Ginny Glaser, and Mike and Kim Dahlberg. Mike led us thru Santiago Canyon, Silverado Canyon, Modjeska Canyon and Live Oak Canyon. These are pretty much the last undeveloped areas of the County. We kept going in Live Oak Canyon that eventually put us in Rancho Santa Margerita where we had a great lunch at a little pizza place. To all of our surprise our fearless leader Ronnie Bauman treated us all to lunch. Thanx again Boss! Then we headed down the street to El Toro Road which leads to Santiago Canyon Road that we took all the way thru the Canyon again to end up back in the city of Orange.
Great picture Ken got of us heading out
Following Mike and Kim thru the canyon
All of us at the end of Silverado Canyon
Puting Along a beautiful canyon
The view from the top of the Modjeska Grade
Going down the hill heading for Live Oak Canyon

 Saturday September 21
Cruise to Crevier Classic Cars 
And then some!
 Saturday September 21st we had a trip to Crevier Classic Cars on the calendar. We were meeting at Mikes in Tustin at 9:30 am. There was a small turnout but Mike, Ken and Tony decided to go anyway. Crevier Classic Cars has an ever changing display of fine old cars in a beautiful building open to the public. We decided to add a stop at the Lyon Air Museum after Crevier. It's right around the corner. Lucky for us, besides the usual displays inside the building the back side of the building was open to the airport because they were having an airplane show that day. There were planes from different companies on display with staff and information on each plane.
 After the museums we headed for Balboa Island and took the ferry across and went to the pier and had lunch at the first 'Rubys' at the end of the pier. 
The weather was great and it was another good time with the Mets. 
First stop
Kens, Tonys and Mikes in front of Crevier
Inside Crevier
Nice old Hudson (our Mets Cousin)
Real pretty electric Beemer
 Frank Chirat at Crevier gave one of these to each of us 
Our next stop
Inside Lyon Air Museum looking out at the airplane show
New planes on display outside
Ken looking at his next new plane
Driving down the main drag on Balboa Island heading for the ferry
Next ferrys CARgo
A fine figurehead  on the ship
Passengers and Crew
Heading for the dock at the Balboa Fun Zone 
Heading for the original 'Rubys' at the end of the pier
View south from the pier. They were having a skim board competition
View North from the pier. Beautiful day!
Lunch at the end of the pier
Ken and Mike followed by Tony, heading home 
Sunday September 8
Belmont Shore-Long Beach Car Show

Sunday September 8th So Cal Met Members Chris Di Tommaso, Tony Bilotti, Bill And Cindy Harris, Mike Dahlberg and Ken Conner met at Kens house in Huntington Beach to caravan to the 30th Belmont Shore Car Show held on 14 blocks of Second Street in Belmont Shore. Ken was contacted before the show by Eric Van Stratton who saw info about the show on the So Cal Mets Facebook page. He wanted to know if he could join the rest of us where we were parked at the show. Well, another Met and another Met person of course we were happy to include him. 
He has a beautiful 1957 Turquoise and White met with a souped up Ford Flathead V8 in it.
So Cal Mets member Jeff Gordan was there too but had the VIP parking in the middle of the action. 
 The weather was nice right there at the ocean and there were lots of people looking at lots of cars.

Click here for video of us coming in. Thanx to Dan O Vision on YouTube for the video. We're at the 20 minute mark.

Click here for show walk through. We're at the beginning. Thanx again to Dan O Vision


                                  Lined up in the same spot as last year. Left to right, Eric's flathead Met,

                                  Mikes, Kens, Bill & Cindys, Tonys and Chris's



Looking up the street at the show



This was on Kens window.


Jeffs Met in the middle of the action 



Other cars at the show



The Millennium Falcon was there!


May the Fords be with you







We were treated by a visit and a chat with Mike Brewer

 from Wheeler Dealers!






August 11
 Marconi Auto Museum
 Open House
 Sunday August 11 we made a trip to The Marconi Auto Museum in Tustin. So Cal Mets has wanted to see this place for a while but our events are always on a weekend and the museum is open Monday thru Friday. Our newsletter editor Ken Conner got a copy of the local Nash Club newsletter telling about the annual open house at the Marconi Museum. Lucky for us it was on a weekend and we finally got to see the museum.The museum has a fine collection of classic and muscle cars and can be rented for gatherings. Profits from the museum go to help children.
Metters who joined in were our President Ronnie Bauman and Girlfriend Judy, Marcia Jones, Kim Dominguez, Ken Conner, Mike Dahlberg, Doug and Doreen Campbell, Sue and Jeff Garrett with Noodles The Wonder Dog, Tom and Kathy Wessels, Tom Booth and Tony Bilotti. Tony Bilotti's Dad Bob joined in with his beautiful 1969 Beetle. Mikes Wife Kim joined us after the museum for lunch.
It was another wonderful time to be had with out Mets!
Lined up on our way to the museum
In the parking lot with people admiring the Mets  
The Mets with other classics
Very nice BMW Isetta
Bumper Horse
Inside looking out 
This Met was spotted about a year and a half ago in Orange
 Tom Wessels bought it and turned it into the Met below.
Great job Tom!

So Cal Mets
 Annual Picnic
Our annual picnic was once again at our favorite spot at Craig Park in Fullerton.
I'm starting with notes from our V.P. and Cruise Director Marcia Jones and another from
our Grand Poobah Ronnie Bauman. Event pictures after.
The final count on the Mets was 17 and a Rambler! 

WOW, if you didn't join us at the picnic, you missed a great event and hopefully this will inspire you to come next year ! WE HAD A RECORD 16 METS, and a Nash Rambler Station Wagon,  in the most beautiful 'rainbow of colors' I've ever seen!

 First and foremost we all owe Ken Conner a big round of applause and a hearty THANK YOU for stepping in at the last minute to show up at the Craig Park Gate and be first in line at 6am in order to reserve our favorite spot at the park, and set up our 'pop up"  and our flags. While we were all catching that 'extra wink' he was sitting there in his 50'z Toy patiently waiting for the park to open. He got our perfect spot with lots of shady trees, and the best parking lot to display our cars.  Thank you Tony Billotti for showing up early too, helping Ken and keeping him company! 

  We had a wonderful variety of food consisting of green salads, fruit salads, chicken, sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, lots of cookies, specialty "Met Cookies" and deserts, a great auction and lots of stimulating conversation about our cars.. ..what year they were, where they came from, how to fix, them, what to do if.... what a great day we had and the weather was perfect!    

 Thank you to Ronnie, our president for the great job he did on the auction, assisted by our lovely Jackie Bilotti and me, to Kim who always goes beyond and designed and brought the name tags (it really helped us all getting to know each other), and to Patrick who was our chief chef assisting Kim, and his wife Nancy in bbq-ing the hot dogs and all the fixins' they brought. 

 We had some very interesting auction items this year including a 'brief type case' from the FBI donated by Kim Dominguez that was used to transport "things" (whoo hoo) from past cases; homemade 'tomato jam' with garden fresh tomatoes too; an instrument to measure how hot your radiator gets; one specific item from our newest member Tom Booth, which was two outside mirrors for a Met with wind wings that could be installed without drilling into the body that received a lot of 'action' on bidding.. some Met Slippers now out of production, a cute little metal sign with "Toe Mater" stating 'he wasn't able to fix the brakes so he made the horn louder'.. got some bid action on that one too !  Oh my gosh, the list goes on and on !! The auction was worth your attendance in itself!! 

 We met some of our "Metters" and their beautiful cars for the first time today!  I must single out two of MY favorites... "Merlot" who belongs to fun new member and first time attendee Diana Milon,  a beautiful maroon/white Met and Ken and Nancy Pollard who brought their award winning coral/white Met.   There were so many beautiful cars there yesterday, I wish I could name them all and who owned them.  (Note to self to make a list next year)... I know Ken and Tony got lots of pictures that will be posted on our web site and in our next newsletter.  Diana Milon brought her friend Mercedes who's Met is in restoration mode so we hope we'll be able to call her a member soon!

 Some traveled a long distance to join us ..... The Mocabee's from Upland, The Pollard's from Murrieta,  The Wessels from Wildomar, The Waughs from Fallbrook and even though they came in their brand -X car this year, June (proprietor of "The Pit Stop" in North Hollywood)  and Michael Valentine.   Thank you!  We also had someone come yesterday with a cute little Black and White Met, complete with automatic transmission and air conditioning, who is not a member but has 'followed' on our web site.  He showed up with a 'FOR SALE' sign in the window.  One of our members asked for a test drive and before the day had even really begun, he had a buyer.  After spending the day with us and having such a good time, he actually said he was 'reconsidering' his sale, since we were all such a fun group.  Who knows... maybe he'll buy another one and be back !  I'll just let you guess who was the buyer from our Club!

Good Morning Marcia,,,   & fiends,,,, W O W ! ! that's a wonderful description of our experience in the Park yesterday.  The weather was with us,, The food was great , I had fun at the auction ,so many nice cars & best of all,,, The people are the nicest folks & they all were enjoying the event. Thanks to all who came, Thank`s for all of the hard work that our members did, Thank`s for being my friends,,, I`m very proud to be the prez of such a great family of car lovers. Please join us on our monthly events , with or with out your Met. Your always welcome & we guarantee you will have a great time.    C~U soon,,, Ronnie
 Picnic time again
Having lunch and mingling
Lunch and chatting with friends 
The party from the hill
 Our annual fund raising auction, Good Stuff!
One Rambler and 17 Mets
From that way
 From the other way
We had another great picnic and great day with the Met people and the Mets!

Blind Childrens Learning Center
5k Walk / Run 
Saturday May 4 2019 we were asked if we would lead off the 5K walk for the benifit of the Blind Childrens Learning Center in Tustin-Santa Ana. Our Member Chris frequents a store in Old Town Tustin and the owner of the store works with the learning center.
This all started back in August of 2017 when Mike Dahlberg told us about a 1921 Nash that they were going to put into a store on old Main St. in Tustin. Some of us came to see the car go into the store and we made a showing with our Mets.
Anyway, Chris does some shopping at the store and the lady who runs the store asked Chris if some of us would be willing to bring our crowd pleasers to lead off the walk and maybe give some rides to some of the kids.
 Of course we Met people aim to please so we joined in. The people at the affair and in the neighborhoods we went through were pleased to see the Mets.
 Those of us who joined in were Kim Dominguez and her friend Dianna, Cindy and Bill Harris, Ken Conner, Nancy Halbert, Chris Di Tommaso, Mike Dahlberg, Marcia Jones and Tony Bilotti.
Our showing at the Learning Center-Kims,Cindys',Kens, Nancys',
Chris', Tonys',Marcias and Mikes
And more walkers!
Fun and games at the center
Brave little girls. I wouldn't do it!  : )
We had In & Out for lunch 
Marcia and Ken giving rides to some excited kids
Everybody's Happy!
Video Below 

Floral Park Home Tour and Car Show
April 27 2019 
Saturday April 27 some So Cal Met Members that didn't make it to the Unique Little Car Show in Sacramento attended the 27th annual Floral Park Home Tour and Car Show. You webmaster was one who couldn't be at the ULCS so I apologize for having no pictures of the event.
So Cal Metters who entered the Floral Park Show were Chris Di Tommaso, Marcia Jones and her friend Annie, Mike Dahlberg (Kim came later) and Tony Bilotti. Another man not on our roster driving a black & white Met pulled in with us. The car he was driving had a for sale sign on it so no new member and we were all so busy there wasn't much conversation.    : (   
Floral Park is a very nice area of Santa Ana with houses custom built for the original owners mostly in the 20s, 30s and 40s. 
Some homeowners open their beautiful homes to the public once a year for Docent led tours through houses and gardens. This year we were treated to 9 houses and 3 gardens. The neighborhood and all homes within are very well kept. Unfortunately but understanably pictures were not allowed inside the homes but the exterior pictures give an idea. 
Mets lined up
The owner of the black & white one talking to Mike.
Looking down the street of classics
The Floral Park Landscaping Co. 
A very nice little Cousin of our Mets
This beauty Skyliner next to Cousin MG
A couple beautiful homes
Cute little doll houses 
Another example of the neighborhood
This was in the driveway of one of the houses we toured
This was in another homeowners driveway
One of my favorites. Built in 1927, 6500 square feet, 3 stories, seven bedrooms,
5 bathrooms  

Classic Auto Show
March 16-17 2019
 Orange County Fairgrounds

The weekend of March 16th & 17th some So Cal Mets members entered the Classic Auto Show at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.
Show entries were Mike Dahlberg, Ken Conner, Chris Di Tommaso, Cindy Harris, Paul VanWig, Kim Dominguez and Tony Bilotti. We were treated by a surprise visit from members Nick and Renee Anderson. Renee has had some health issues and we were happy to see her looking good.
A great time was had by all with the people admiring our Mets and the many things going on at the show.
There were cars 'o' plenty to look at and a gourmet of food and drink to be had.
There were also celebrity guest appearances by Motor Trend/ Velocity show stars Dave Kindig and Kevin from 'Bitchin Rides', Mark Worman, Allysa Rose, and Will Scott from 'Graveyard Carz', Bogi from 'All Girls Garage and Wayne Carini form 'Chasing Classic Cars'. It was two long days of fun!
 The Mets lined up in the Costa Mesa Building
The Mini Club was across from us celebrating 60 years of Mini's
This is the Mini that our membership chairperson Kim Dominguez 
sold to buy the black Met behind. She said it's been cleaned up
a bit .
This Pinto was covered in one inch square mirror tiles!
This truck was built by Bogi from 'All girls Garage' and other girls.
Mark Wormans as seen on 'Graveyard Carz'
 Another one of Marks from 'Graveyard Carz'
His motto is 'Mopar or No Car'
Tony with Mark Worman, Will Scott and Allysa Rose
From 'Graveyard Carz' 
Dave Kindigs truck, lounge, store from 'Bitchen Rides.
One of the cars from 'Kindig-it-Designs Bitchin Rides
Very Nice but changing the water pump is going to be a nightmare!
Tony with Kevin and Dave Kindig from Bitchin Rides 
Wayne Carini was kind enough to pose by Tony's Met! 
Little Fiat, Love the license plate!
More 'Metz' at the show
A lot of nice cars lined up on 'Grand Blvd'
Petersen Auto Museum brought a 'Tucker'
This was in another building. How Low can you Go!
The Hangar is where the guest celebrities were speaking
throughout the weekend
A supercharged Mustang outside the hangar
A Camero outside the hanger with some nice looking turbo plumbing!
A 1974 AMC Gremlin. We Met people know we have the first
Gremlins!    : )